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Date Description
14/11/2006 Incorporation of Egypt Factors under no. 21145
14/12/2006 First General Assembly Meeting and First Board Meeting


As published in "Al Ahram" adjustments in the Executive Regulations of the Investment Law No.8 regarding factoring were approved by the Prime Minister, Dr. Ahmed Nazif, as per Decree 162/2007

04/03/2007 By Decree 285/2007 a set of Rules and Regulations governing factoring was approved by Dr. Ziad Bahaa, Chairman of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI). This Decree comes into force as per March 15, 2007
26/04/2007 The licence to act as a Free Zone company was granted. Registration under number 1/2007 as the first company in the register for factoring companies.