Factoring Egypt - Trade Receivables Management
International trade, Credit Insurance, Trade Finance, Invoice Discounting, Working Capital and more...

Egypt Factors main goal is to provide our clients with the best financial solutions to cater to all their financial needs, through our solid commitment, deep devotion and well based experience.

Egypt factors tailored financial solutions and services are designed for institutions and corporate either huge, medium or small sized business who requires
• Immediate cash needs.
• Improved credit structure.
• Enhanced financial statements.
• Lower debts.
• Credit management.
• Collection services.
• Better working Capital

Our strategy is to focus on innovation and product differentiation, buttressed by our superior knowledge and passion to serve our clients' interests impeccably.

With a clear focus on trade finance instruments Egypt Factors is committed to support and promote Egyptian cross-border trade, in terms of exports and imports as well as domestic trade.

Egypt Factors packages are designed to satisfy and fit the needs of the Egyptian suppliers including exporter as well as the Egyptian buyers including importers, where their sales along with their purchasing power will increase without their banking facilities being tied up.

If you are a growing company generating at least EGP 50 million (USD 2.7 million) of annual sales or monthly turnover of EGP 5 million (USD 270 k) in the form of commercial receivables, we are glad to tell you that Egypt factors can be your business partner
combined with access to more than 70 countries spanning the globe.